Pizza Hut renaming itself “The Hut”

by Kelsey

A little news bite from our friends at Serious Eats that we thought was interesting:

In response to economic times when people are less likely to spend money on junk food, Pizza Hut is rebranding itself to “The Hut,” offering new all-natural multigrain pizzas, lasagnas and chicken wings.

Design blog IDSGN reports that the renaming is in response to a need for a new brand name. Pizza Hut CMO Brian Niccol quoted on BrandWeek:

“We’re also introducing another vocabulary word with Pizza Hut, which is ‘The Hut.’ That ties in nicely with (today’s) texting generation…As we expand our online and mobile businesses, ‘The Hut’ is the perfect icon for our mobile generation.”

What are your thoughts on Pizza Hut’s cool new name? Will it make you want to eat more pizza? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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Gaijin Jillian June 30, 2009 - 6:39 am

I think I always want to eat Pizza –sorry, The Hut– pizza, actually. I think it's my fave.


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