Noshing in the World: Japanese food from Japan, Part I.

by Kelsey

While I am spending my summer traveling back and forth between L.A. and northern California, three close friends of mine are living and working in Japan for ten weeks.

Beyond reading their travel blogs about all the details of their time there, the best part about it for me is experiencing fantastic new food discoveries vicariously through them (and their cameras). One of my favorite things to learn about from different cultures is about what they like to eat – a love and passion for food is something that seems to cross all language barriers and cultural boundaries.

Here are some of the delicious highlights my friends have sent me so far from the far-away world of Japan (and stay tuned for more Japanese food updates):

Tonnapizachiizu Crepe (Tuna Pizza Cheese Crepe in English).
Photo credit: Jillian Nelson.

Japan: Vending machine to order food.
Photo credit: Jillian Nelson.

Food from vending machine: tonkatsu (pork) with rice and lots of garlic.
Photo credit: Jillian Nelson.

Top photo: a very “Japanese” food at a McDonald’s in Japan: a Big Mac. Credit: Spencer Hutton.

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Gaijin Jillian July 7, 2009 - 3:19 pm

mmm…i want to eat that.


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