Best Clam Chowder, Cheapest Cup of Joe, and Pizza Deals on Central CA Coast

by Kelsey

Despite my best intentions to get a little R&R on spring break, the lure of excursion and adventure won me over. But don’t get me wrong: though a little weary from my travels, I had a fantastic time on the central California coast – a group of friends and I stayed in Oceano, just outside of Pismo Beach, and also traveled extensively through San Luis Obispo.

Beyond the relaxing beach sunning and time spent with dear friends, I found some spectacular deals that you should make sure not to miss when you are spending time in the area.

1. The Cheapest Cup of Coffee: Black Horse, San Luis Obispo, CA
Titled “The BlackHorse Stimulus Package,” this unprecedented deal offers a small coffee for only $0.50. That’s right: 50 cents. Not only is this a relief to our wallets, but it is also a fantastic excuse to frequent Black Horse, a beautiful cafe in downtown SLO with wonderful, rich coffee, tasty pastries baked in-house, and service and atmosphere that surpasses that of a typical coffee chain shop. I especially like the basket of newspapers by the door – SF Chronicle, LA Times, and NY Times included – and the option to order for-here coffee in a mug (so environmentally friendly). This offer is only valid through April 20, so take advantage of it ASAP.
Black Horse: 1065 Higuera St. (805-783-1300) and 3590 Broad St. (805-439-1300), SLO, CA

Black Horse: Inside Black Horse - cup Black Horse: Stimulus Package

2. The Best Clam Chowder in Pismo: Splash Cafe, Pismo Beach, CA
Splash Cafe is a beachtime favorite, offering a large variety of fresh seafood choices in a casual environment in Pismo Beach. However, its name, when mentioned, immediately evokes a vision of one menu choice in particular: its famous clam chowder, served on its own ($3.50 cup/$4.50 bowl) or in its most popular form, a crusty sourdough bread bowl with the bread scooped out and ready for dipping and an extra toasted buttered piece on the side for good measure ($6.75). But this is no ordinary clam chowder – its silky, creamy texture is rich enough to make you cry and dread appearing in your bathing suit the next day. See also its location in San Luis Obispo.
Splash Cafe: 197 Pomeroy, Pismo Beach, CA 805-773-4653

3. Best Lunchtime Pizza Special: Woodstock’s Pizza, San Luis Obispo, CA
Woodstock’s is a popular spot for local Cal Poly, SLO students in the area – their pizzas are large and loaded with delicious toppings, and best of all, you can order by the slice. One of their lunch specials, offered from 11am-3pm every day, is a generous slice for just $2.32. The choices are limited, but include Pepperoni, Cheese, Mushroom, and Pizza of the Day.

Woodstock’s Pizza: 1000 Higuera St., SLO, CA, 805-541-4420

Splash Cafe:
Black Horse:

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