Use Twitter to Find Recipes from Top Chefs

by Kelsey

The Observer recently reported a new trend with Twitter users: posting entire recipes within the 140 character limit.

While the article critiqued some of the new recipe-Twitterers’ confusing abbreviations, many of them are interesting and worth deciphering.

An advantage of condensing recipes for amateurs in the kitchen is that these recipes are relatively easy – for example, the chefs are forced to use as few ingredients and steps as possible.

“Dugas says the micro-recipes work because they are ‘simple, tasty and can be made with very few ingredients’. His recipes tend to be quick-cook family-friendly meals such as ‘quesadilla – skillet @ med heat, butter 1 side tortilla – on pan butter-down. layer:colby-jack cheez, diced cooked chicken. @ 1min_fold_1min’.” (The Observer)

See the full article for some of these notable Twitterers that you can befriend and gain some new recipes from.

See full article here:

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